JRow, a Texas-born HipHop/Rap artist, was inspired to pursue music by legends such as Nelly, Jay-Z, Tupac, DMX, and Juvenile, whom he grew up listening to. Rap became his favorite genre after Blues and R&B as a teenager. JRow’s songwriting abilities and rapping skills propelled him to the spotlight in the United States, where he performed at the SXSW festival four times.

His album “Faces of the Future,” released in 2008, caught the public’s attention and became an instant success, leading him to join the music industry in 2009. He has since released three mixtapes and an EP, including “505 Mixtape 2010,” “For the Better 2014,” “The 9’s Vol. 1 2017,” and “The 9’s Vol. 2 2018.”

He is currently working on his next album, “The 9’s Vol. 3,” set to release in summer 2020. JRow’s future plans include the album “GaadSpeed.” In his fifth project, featuring hard-hitting songs such as “Get Mine” and “Hard to Forgive,” JRow diversified his sound and style to convey a wider range of topics and emotions.

He wants his fans to believe in themselves and push back against haters, as his lyrics cover street life, love, struggles, and the motivation to overcome them. JRow’s music incorporates universal sounds and hard-hitting drums, leading the way for his fans.

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J Row

Midland (TX)
Email: info@dnarecording.com

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